Dear members and friends of SOLAS,

We are honored that the Society of Lateral Access Surgery is included in the list of societies participating in the 2016 Spine Week: May 16-20th in Singapore.  With a meeting every four years and a global focus, Spine Week is the “World Cup” of Spine Surgery.

2016 is a significant year for SOLAS as we celebrate 10 years as a society contributing to the advancement of patient care and safer spine surgery. Since 2006, we have over 300 active members across the globe from over 30 countries. It is also our first year as an independent non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Our mission continues to be advancing minimally disruptive lateral access spine surgery techniques through clinical research, peer-to-peer education, and membership initiatives. More details may be found on our website at

The SOLAS meeting at Spine Week is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday May 19th.  We understand there is interest from our global membership and we look forward to welcoming any SOLAS members who are planning to attend this “world class” global spine event!

Frank M. Phillips, MD

President, SOLAS