The Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) is honored to have the opportunity participate in SpineWeek 2016 in Singapore.  We welcome you to join us in our first Global Forum outside of the United States.

SMISS (not to confused with ISMISS) is a relatively new academic society founded by true minimally invasive spine surgery thought leaders.  SMISS is the only society dedicated solely to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.  The society provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, expertise, and goodwill, where all MIS surgeons will feel welcome and benefit from connecting and engaging.

In Singapore, you will participate in an exciting program that highlights the latest advances in education, research and technology specifically related to minimally invasive spine surgery treatments while actively engaging with the global community of MIS experts from around the world. 

We are eager to share our vision and engage surgeons interested in getting involved in our global SMISS initiatives: (1) Continuous Professional Development, (2) Patient-driven Research, (3) Communities of Practice, and (4) Centers of Excellence.

SpineWeek 2016 will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet your peers, colleagues as well as SMISS.  

We invite you to get involved in improving the health of patients with spinal disorders by advancing the highest quality of minimally invasive spinal care –  

See you at SpineWeek 2016!

Greg Anderson MD
Chairperson SMISS International