4th Spine week
16-20 May 2016

The FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) will support and actively participate at the 4th Spine week, by contributing to the interdisciplinary approach in the management of spinal disorders and problems from a football/sports medical perspective.

As a central organ of the musculetal system, the spine has been neglected for a long time by football players including their medical staff. No doubt low back pain as well as neck pain are common occurrences with active football players however these may play an even more important role following an active professional career.

F-MARC has acknowledged these deficiencies based upon large epidemiological studies performed in the mid-nineties and taking the results into consideration, developed and performed the “FIFA 11+” preventative programme. The objective of the “FIFA 11+” programme is to reduce non-contact injuries but also musculetal symptons and signs including the spine.

An integrated part of the complete warm-up programme are several exercises which are well perceived by the spinal community, to improve the function of para-spinal and abdominal muscles in order to stablise the lower-back while playing football.

Large prospective randomized studies have presented results justifying the global implementation amongst the football community. Personally for me, it is not only a challenge but a great honour to share my experience of F-MARC, based upon research over the past 20 years in conjunction with leading spinal societies to which I have contributed prior to my “football career”. No doubt, the partnership of both, the spine and the sporting/football medical group will benefit from each other at such a joint and major event to the advantage of those athletes in our care. The major objective is to promote sport as a health enhancing leisure activity.

Prof Jiří Dvořák, MD
Chairman F-MARC
Founding member and former President of the European Spine Society
Member of the International ISSLS
Deputy Editor of Spine
Senior Editor of BJSM