AfricaSpine welcomes you.

AfricaSpine was founded on June 2014 by African spine leaders from 12 countries, meeting successfully in Agadir, Morocco. The aim was to create a specialised association for sharing knowledge and experience on Spinal pathologies, which cause big handicaps in the Continent.

This African Spine Society creation appeared as an urgent necessity due to the numerous spine issues, diseases, deformities and infections, etc. … In addition, another motivation was the frequent spine traumas mainly resulting from the high rate of Road Traffic injuries and the lack of important spine care centres.

It is our honor and privilege to be part of SpineWeek 2016 the most important spinal meeting and we are proud to actively contribute to the high quality spine care and research worldwide.

Our programme will include Instructional Lectures, Oral and Poster Presentations. We are seeking at participating with very interesting topics on Spine deformities, infections, trauma, tumours and degenerative lesions.

All African Spine Surgeons and SpineWeek attendees are most welcome to join us and support our young and very promising Association.


Thami Benzakour MD,    

AfricaSpine President